Earth Day Craft

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Today we are sharing a simple Earth sun catcher project for you to do. 

Earth Day Craft

Step 1: Print your Earth template HERE 

Step 2: Color your Earth with crayons making sure to make them bright and colorful

Step 3: Cut out the Earth from the template 

Step 4: Dip a paint brush in some cooking oil (we've used vegetable and olive oil) and paint over the entire Earth.  Make sure that the coloring page is very heavily saturated with the oil.

Step 5: Leave to dry for about an hour and then blot off the excess oil.

Step 6: Hang in a sunny window and watch the light shine through!

Earth Craft 

*Don't forget to share a picture of your craft on social media and tag us for an entry into our Earth Week giveaway...more details HERE.

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