Healthy Garden Spray

We love to garden but the rocky, buggy, New England soil doesn't always make it easy.  Since we avoid chemical additives and pest sprays, I spent a lot of time searching for just the right mix to not only keep the bugs away but also add a little nutrients for our plants.  This mix not only did the trick but I was also really glad that it was safe for the little gardeners to help with. 

garden spray

Healthy Garden Spray

To a quart sized mason jar add:

1/2 cup of Epsom Salt

12 drops of Cedarwood essential oil*

12 drops of Spearmint essential oil*

Fill the jar 2/3 of the way with hot water and shake to dissolve the salt.  Add the contents of the jar to your watering can and top with cold water.  Use the mix to water your plants whenever they need a boost, I usually use this mix once a week and plain water the rest of the time as needed.  

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*We use Young Living essential oils because their "Seed to Seal Promise" ensures that the oils are organic and highly concentrated (not diluted or mixed with additives).  We highly recommend becoming a Young Living member because the perks can't be beat.  24% off all purchases and special sales and promos plus tons of information and research at your fingertips.  To become a member you can go to and purchase a Premium Starter Kit or send us an email so that we can answer your questions and walk you through the process. 

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