Meet the Maker: The Earthen Floor

My name is Jessica and I am the owner of The Earthen Floor. I make kids clothing from my home in Northeast Ohio. I am a Rhode Island native so i will always think of Naturally Home and Family as my “local” shop. I am a work from home mom to 2 very feral children.

I originally started making children’s clothing because my older son is autistic and as part of that he has some sensory integration issues. He prefers to wear tight fitting clothing like children’s pajama sets. I was faced with either buying the cheap ones that fell apart quickly with all day wear or spending a lot more money on the good quality ones. We also ran into some trouble with him wanting the same exact ones even after he grew out of them. Homemade Grow with Me clothing seemed like the perfect solution so I got started. Shortly after I had my 2nd child and the MOUNTAINS of laundry were overwhelming, not to mention constantly having to sort out sizes as he grew so quickly. I started making grow with me pants for him as well so we could minimize the number of clothing pieces we kept out and I wouldn't have to constantly swap out the pants.  Family and friends wanted some too and it just bloomed from there.

We sell our grow with me clothing exclusively at Naturally Home and Family as we really pride ourselves on supporting local and family owned businesses. We source most of our fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabric which is a family owned USA based fabric printer.   

If you have noticed our stitching is rainbow colored. We take pride in being a neurodiverse family and our rainbow stitching is a reflection of that. We use a tagless design in order to eliminate that sensory concern for children. SInce the clothing grows with the children there is less distress over growing out of favorites. We hope to launch some “big kid” pants this year which will accommodate children from around age 3 to 6.  As part of our program to support neurodiversity we donate a portion of the proceeds to organizations such as the Autism Self Advocacy Network.  

When I’m not busy chasing children or sewing I also teach ESL online to children in China and I am working towards having an urban homestead. Right now that is mostly just gardens but we hope to add chickens soon.

Random facts. I can’t stand bananas. I have a degree in History and Political Science. I’m related to Margaret Chase Smith and also William the Conqueror’s wife.   

Check out: The Earthen Floor Grow-With-Me Pants

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