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2020 Kids Activities

Looking for a simple activity to do with your kids while we're all stuck at home? We're here to help! 

animal movement cards

Today I put together these animal themed movement cards.  They are so much fun and teach a little bit about animals and how they move along with helping to burn up a little energy. 

Typically when using these cards I first introduce each animal / movement to the children.  Once they are familiar with them, I'll put them in a little bag or basket and let them pull out one at a time for us to do. 

Download your free cards HERE

The cards are as follows:

Shuffle like a gorilla - Shifting weight from side to side while swinging arms back and forth 

Stomp like an elephant - Take big steps, picking your knee up as high as you can each time.  Bonus points for making a trunk with your arms too.

Crawl like a crab - Lay on the ground with your feet and hands under you (in bridge pose) and crawl back and forth.  To make it harder you can pick up one hand at a time and pretend to pinch the air.

Walk like a bear - Put your hands and feet on the floor and walk around, giving a good growl and swipe of your claws each time you pick up your hand. 

Run like a cheetah - Run in place as fast as you can moving both your arms and your legs. 


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