Why I Am Still Cleaning My House Naturally

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We decided several years ago that we would use natural, plant based cleaning supplies in our home and guess what?  That hasn't changed! 

Cleaning Naturally

After a lot of research we chose to use the Young Living Thieves line of cleaning products.  They are university laboratory tested, held to above organic standards, and blended in the purest way possible.  I haven't met a mess that they couldn't clean up, even things like permanent marker and sticker residue.  The line has household cleaner, hand sanitizer, dish soap, and so much more. 

My favorite thing about Thieves is that the essential oil blend that's in all of the cleaning products supports and boosts your immune system.  Clove, lemon, and eucalyptus oils are all a huge help to your body. So not only are you cleaning but you are also staying healthy at the same time. 

Thieves tests

There are two ways to purchase these products.  The first, is to shop retail and order one or two to try out.  While it lets you start out slowly, it does end up being more expensive than option number two.  The second way (and best deal by far) is to purchase the Thieves Starter Kit.  This kit has full size products all bundled together at a greatly reduced price and you get to save money on all future purchases to thanks to their "Wholesale Discount".  Either way it's really easy to order, just click the link and you are on your way!


Thieves Starter Kit


All that for only $165! and this month you get a FREE Durafresh cloth too!


Have questions? Just ask.  I am always happy to chat and I have a lot of resources, research, and information I can send your way. 

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