Yummy Ideas for Packing Lunches

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It's that time of year when we spend each evening staring into the refrigerator attempting to pack lunches...I'm not the only one right?

I pack 4 lunches every day and let me tell you, those add up! I've had to get pretty creative to keep everyone fed and happy so I'm sharing some of my favorite ideas with you today.

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1. Sandwich Sushi

Roll your favorite sandwich filling up in a tortilla along with a handful of thinly sliced carrot or cucumber (sushi has veggies).  Turkey and cheese is our favorite but it's also really good with tuna. Slice each roll into little pieces of "sushi" and pack it up with a little cup of ranch to dip. 

2. English Muffin Pizza

An old school classic.  We use whole wheat or sourdough muffins and top them with sauce, cheese, and whatever pizza toppings we have kicking around.  Since the kids can't heat up lunches at school, they eat them cold and don't seem to mind.

3. Dip It 

A small container of hummus and an assortment of dippers makes for a fun lunch, even for picky eaters.  I love to use the U-Konserve square containers because I can fill each compartment with something different.  Our favorites include veggies like bell pepper and cucumbers along with pretzel sticks, pieces of pita bread, and crackers. 

4. Pasta Salad

Pasta salad is so easy to make and you can put just about anything into it! My kids especially like "pizza" pasta salad with tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, and little pieces of pepperoni with Italian salad dressing.  I prefer mine with chickpeas, feta, and lots of veggies. 

5. Trail Mix

This isn't really a meal on it's own but if you pair it with a hardboiled egg and some fruit it could be!  We make ours nut free so that it's safe to go to school but the best part of trail mix is that you can make it your own.  Dry cereal (I like the Mom's Best brand), pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and raisins are our favorite things to mix in but I've done more savory mixes with pretzels, roasted chick peas, and cheese crackers too. 

You can keep your lunch budget down by making things yourself instead of buying pre-packaged items.  You'll also be helping the environment by reducing the waste from all that packaging.  Check out my list of supplies to make your lunches zero-waste below.

 Zero-Waste Lunch Supples:

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