GroVia - Hybrid Shell (Snap)
GroVia - Hybrid Shell (Snap)
GroVia - Hybrid Shell (Snap)
GroVia - Hybrid Shell (Snap)
GroVia - Hybrid Shell (Snap)
GroVia - Hybrid Shell (Snap)
GroVia - Hybrid Shell (Snap)

GroVia - Hybrid Shell (Snap)

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GroVia™ Single Snap Shell

Now, if only it could change itself!

Flat-out ease-of-use is one thing, but we rebuilt the diaper from the ground up. Rather than sacrifice functionality for marketing angles, we designed a system that makes sense from every angle. Durable rise snaps let the Hybrid cloth diaper grow with your baby. Waterproofing in the right spots allows one shell to be worn multiple times between washes. Fun and fashionable prints will make your baby the envy of the daycare. You won’t find a better design…anywhere.

  • Signature tuck-under laundry tabs
  • Less waste in our landfills
  • Save hundreds of dollars each year
  • Healthier for baby, less diaper rash
  • No Dioxins
  • They’re cute

 Fairly and conscientiously made in China.

Washing GroVia Shells

  • ALWAYS tuck the tabs under the tuck under strips before washing Shells.
  • Wash warm, hang dry.

BULK DISCOUNT: GroVia products can be purchased at a discount when ordering in bulk to help you save money.  Use one of the codes below after you fill your cart to receive your discount.  *These codes apply only on GroVia items, 1 code per order is allowed. 

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