Thankful Sage Farm School - Woodsmoke soap
Thankful Sage Farm School

Thankful Sage Farm School - Woodsmoke soap

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Wood smoke. In the winter, my blankets and sweaters smell like it, we spend the warmer months in preparation mode so we have it. 4.5 oz. USA Made.

Thankful Sage Farm School is, simply put, a way of life. It is that strong desire to grab a handful of earth, smell it, and carry that scent memory of it with you throughout the winter. It is picking up an old tool and actually using it, wildcrafting a bouquet for your dinner table. It is the crunch of the autumn leaves underfoot, and the scent of lemon verbena as you brush past it in the garden. It is getting your hands and heart involved in a project, a gift, or a written page. It is surrounding yourself with handcrafts, old books and carefully chosen vintage pieces that remind us how we used to live, and how you live now. It is warmth, a celebration of seasons and heartsongs.

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