Cloth Diaper Consultation

Cloth Diaper Consultation

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Curious about cloth? Set up a consultation to try out some cloth and have all your questions answered. 
A cloth diaper consultation includes:
  •  A basic cloth diaper 101 class
  • A "try it out" lesson with our sample diapers and dolls 
  • Help picking out and building a stash that would work best for family
  • A wash routine that best fits your washer, water, and lifestyle. 
Cloth diaper consultations are taught by Kailyn Shippee, the owner of Squigglybugs, or one of the Squigglybugs educators. 
All consultations need to take place in the state of Rhode Island.  We can meet at your home or at a local coffee shop.
$10 for up to 4 people. $5 for each additional person.

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