Diaper Dawgs - 2 Pack
Diaper Dawgs

Diaper Dawgs - 2 Pack

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So what are “Diaper Dawgs” exactly?

Every mom has her favorite brands of cloth diapers in her stash. If her favorites happen to be pocket-style or all-in-two diapers, Diaper Dawgs can help a new or seasoned mom cope with one of the biggest challenges of cloth diapering…CLEANING!

These types of diapers involve either a sewn-in pocket or button snaps that attach absorbent inserts with the waterproof cover that hold them, and according to most manufacturer’s instructions, soiled cloth diaper inserts must be separated from diaper covers before washing.

However the drawback with these two-piece cloth diapers involve the necessary task of using fingers to remove wet or soiled inserts prior to laundering – and as any cloth diapering mom knows, that can get really icky!

Diaper Dawgs are slip-on silicone barriers that act as guards between fingers and that icky stuff on cloth diapers!

Have you ever cringed while handling your baby’s dirty cloth diapers?

Diaper Dawgs were created by a mom who was just learning the ins and out of cloth diapering when she came across a problem she just couldn’t “handle” anymore. When catching a glimpse of a silicone kitchen mitt hanging on the oven door, this mom decided to scratch her own itch of making laundry day a little less gross. She imagined something just the same but small enough to fit her fingers only and quickly grab those icky inserts. At that moment, Diaper Dawgs were conceived.

Diaper Dawgs’ composition is much like their oven mitt counterparts. The difference comes in Diaper Dawgs’ unique sizing, which fits just around the fingers to simulate a mom reaching for a soiled cloth diaper insert to pull or snap it off.

But separating inserts isn’t the only trick Diaper Dawgs can do. Their gripped muzzles bite down to hold a dirty cloth diaper in place while spraying and when mom is done, she can use that same grip power to help wring out excess water. 

Diaper Dawgs make cloth diapering…

• more sanitary when handling soiled cloth diaper inserts by reducing direct contact with fecal matter that can find a hiding place under fingernails

• quicker to launder by allowing mom to reach in confidently and firmly to fetch soiled inserts from cloth diaper covers and avoid playing the “fingertips-only” or “shake-my-cover-till-it-falls-out” time-wasting games

• more eco-friendly by eliminating the use of excess paper and disposable plastic bags that mom used when scraping soiled inserts


• more enjoyable with fun-sized dogs, sold in colorful companion packs, that mom doesn’t have to hide behind closed doors!

Diaper Dawgs make cleaning any type of cloth diaper easier. 

Guard your hands with a pack of Diaper Dawgs!


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