Imagine Baby - Wool Cover (Emerald)
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Imagine Baby - Wool Cover (Emerald)

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Imagine Wool Cover

Imagine a diaper cover that is soft breathable and comfortable. The Imagine Wool Cover will bring your imagination to life. The 2 layers of 100% knit wool in this pull-on diaper cover are soft and comfortable for your baby. The breathability of wool helps reduce diaper rash. As an added bonus wool diaper covers are naturally absorbent. Because it is absorbent it makes a great diaper cover for heavy wetters or nighttime use. The comfortable wool is stretchy with extra stretch at the legs and waist to provide a good fit. Use this pull-on diaper cover over your cloth diapers. It works well with fitted diapers or fastened flats prefolds or contour cloth diapers.


The Imagine Wool Cover should be washed when soiled or every two weeks. To wash hand wash on cold or warm and rinse in cold or warm water. Press excess water out with a towel and lay it flat to dry. Do not wash these in a machine or use any bleach softeners or additives. Please note that natural dyes may run the first time these are washed.


Small - 7-18 pound Medium - 14-26 pound Large - 24-35 pound.

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